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7 Foolproof Snacks to Serve Up If You Have People Over During The Euros

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Collaborations work — just ask Dunphy and Giles.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with LovinDublin to create a handy go-to guide for the Euros – helping you make the most of this month’s footballing feast.

1. Chicken Wings

How could you not have chicken wings, the staple food of any mass gathering of people to watch a sporting event? In fact, it’s probably illegal to have a party without them.

You do have to kick people out if they make a joke about their wing being better than Aiden McGeady though.

Sample recipe here

2.  Tortillas

There’s a little bit of work involved in tortillas because you’ve actually to construct something but there’s also an opportunity to bond with people, not just over the choice of fillings but Martin O’Neill’s selections.

Chicken or beef, Weso or Stephen Quinn? Both questions as old as time itself.

Sample recipe here


3. Meatballs

Both our pool rivals, Sweden and Italy, can’t be wrong. Meatballs are a delicious alternative to cocktail sausages but arguably 1800% tastier. And they don’t just have to be beef; you can have sausage or even sweet and sour chicken meatballs.

Sample recipe here

4. Nachos

There’s a bit of work involved for the host but your guests will thank for it, because nachos are very easy to eat with one hand while nursing an ice-cold beverage of your choice in the other.

Maybe go easy on the jalapeños mind, you want people to be able to focus on the game, not heartburn.

Sample recipe here


5. Burgerizza

This takes a bit of work, there’s no doubt, as it’s one and a quarter pounds of beef with five slices of cheddar cheese and bacon topped and bottomed with two eight inch pepperoni pizzas.

It shouldn’t work, but it does brilliantly, the Jon Walters of snacks.

Sample recipe here

6. Mini-BLT sliders

These are easier to make than they look with the hardest part being finding the mini buns to go with them. All you need then is some tomato, spinach, bacon, and fresh mozzarella.

Again, being a one-handed snack, you can pump your fist in celebration when Shane Long buries the ball in the Belgian net.

Sample recipe here

7. Cheese board

Well, we are celebrating a tournament taking place in France so it’s time to see if you know your camembert from your gorgonzola.

Just be sound and don’t serve easy singles or something.

Some suggestions here



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