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11th Jul 2024

The Pig’s Ear has been ‘parked for now’ making room for Lotus Eaters


It’s all go on Nassau Street

After an incredible 16 years and a Michelin Bib Gourmand thrown into the mix, The Pig’s Ear has called it a day “for now”. But the spot on Nassau Street hasn’t been gathering dust, it’s been reimagined as a casual dining restaurant called Lotus Eaters. Inspiration for the menu has been pulled from the dishes encountered on the owner’s travels, with a special nod given to the majesty of wagyu burgers.

Owners Stephen McAllister who was the original chef in The Restaurant programme on RTE way back when and Andrea Hussey. Taking to social media the team described the difference between the market when they first launched the Pig’s Ear and now, “the world we live and eat in has changed in many ways, and people are looking for a more affordable dining experience.”

Adding that “it’s the same great people at the same beautiful location, just a different experience…we feel a more casual but comfortable offering is the zeitgeist of the moment.”

The Pig’s Ear officially finished up service on June 15th, the team took a break to refresh and kicked off service for Lotus Eaters a few days later. Fitting on one-page, this is an Asian-inspired menu dominated by small plates and customisation. You’ll find soba salad, oysters and a grilled scallop with pigs head for starters, with customisable Japanese-inspired omelettes, wagyu burger and maitake mushrooms for mains with a short and sweet dessert menu of yuzu parfait and burnt chocolate cheesecake.

It’s definitely a sea change from the usual Pig’s Ear kitchens, but you know what they say a change is as good a break!

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