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04th Jul 2024

Throwing Shapes, a first-of-it’s-kind ceramic studio has just opened in Dublin

Emily Mullen

The perfect new spot to head to if you’re looking to flex your creative muscles ⁠

As anyone who has tried to pursue pottery as a hobby will tell you, there are ample courses for beginners but virtually none for advanced or experienced potters in this city. Those with a bit of experience on the wheel are invariably forced to down their sponges, when they progress past the basics, as there aren’t studio spaces available for them to pursue further. The advanced classes available are competitive or prohibitively expensive, so much so you are probably better off buying your own wheel and figuring out access to a kiln off your own bat.

Luckily for us a new community studio catering to all levels has opened up in Dublin 8’s Mill Street (near the Teelings Whiskey Distillery). They’ve classes for every skill level – even if your last encounter with clay was playing with some mala in school⁠, plus membership, private lessons and events. It’s a state-of-the-art open-access studio that is the first of its kind in Ireland. They describe their monthly membership which costs €200 as a gym where “members can come and flex their pottery muscles at a time that suits them.” The membership includes access to studio facilities, equipment, glazes and your own private shelf (Which any potter will tell you is a hot commodity). They also offer classes catering to total newbies to pottery pros, from 3-hour taster classes to 5-week courses.

A welcome addition to the Dublin city ceramics space, more of this pls! You can find Throwing Shapes in Mill Street, Dublin 8, for more info head over to their Instagram.

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