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17th Aug 2018

We Got A First Peek At The Grayson On Stephens Green And It’s Fab

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Picture marble tables, velour scalloped seating, contemporary artwork, and classy bars – if this sounds up your alley, then The Grayson will be your new fave spot in town.

Situated on 41 Stephen’s Green, this eclectic venue is already full of character. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or drinks you’re after, it’s well worth a visit and covers all of the above.

Following suit from Press Up’s other projects such as The Stealla, Sophie’s and Angelinas, the interior of The Grayson has been thought out to a tee.

This is definitely going to be the hotspot for dinner and drinks in town for the next while.

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What’s the vibe?

There’s four floors in the building, each with their own unique charm.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the lunch area. It’s a big bright room looking out onto the green, ample seating, classic tunes playing and a vintage vibe. Lunch is served until 4pm and then this area services drinks.

Behind this bright room is a cosier section with the bar being the centre of attention. The floors are left without varnish, there’s old fashioned cutlery drawers from the 70’s, it still holds the character of the building it once was. Mix that with colourful artworks a dazzling marble counter top bar (imported from Portugal, we’ll have you know) and you’ve got this really trendy space.

One thing I really like about this venue is that there’s lots of intimate areas for dining, rooms with two or three tables at most. For special occasions this would be so fab.

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Beneath this floor in the basement lies the pièce de résistance – The Atrium.

Judging by the name, I’m sure you’ve guessed why this room is so special. A large open plan space, marble in every corner and a glass roof the whole way down this hall that fills it with light, this will be all over Instagram.

It will be the main drinks area and is sure to be booming every night from the day it’s opened.

There’s also a large smoking area above with an open topped terrace, gorge plants and cute tables and chairs. On rainy days like to, it’s closed over, so don’t worry – you won’t get soaked while you smoke.

Each weekend, this area will be transformed into a social hub filled with music, cocktails and good vibes.

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Upstairs you’ll find a similarly planned area to the ground floor. A bright open room for dining at the front, looking out at The Shelbourne and a cosier room at the back with a vintage looking bar.

Dinner will be served daily from 5pm and bookings can be made.

Is there anything more luxurious than dining in the heart of the city, looking out onto Stephen’s green and the hustle and bustle of the city?

Finally, on the top floor you’ll find dimly lit rooms for more formal occasions. This area would be perfect for a fancy date night out or even an occasion like an intimate wedding.

It really is a stunning spot.

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The Grayson will be open to the public next Thursday, August 23rd.

I’m very excited to see it in action and of course, to have a look at the menus.

Expecting big things for this place.

Cheers to that!