3 Rainbow-Coloured Pedestrian Crossings May Soon Appear In Dublin's City Centre

The proposal is due to go before Dublin City Council in the coming months


A motion to install three rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings in Dublin's city centre is due to go before the council by February.

The proposal would see the installation of permanent rainbow walks at three locations: Capel St/Grand St Great junction, George's St/Dame St junction, and Parliament St/Dame St junction.

The idea was conceived by Dale McDermott, former president of Fine Gael's youth party branch, these 'rainbow walks' would bolster the international perception of Ireland as a "beacon of hope," following the success of the Marriage Equality referendum.

McDermott has received support from Panti Bliss, as well as from fellow Fine Gael members. The idea is now being championed by councillor Noel Rock, who will make a formal proposal before the council. The councillor said:

Given the fact that Dublin is now viewed as a prime location for gay people, this will send a further signal that Dublin is welcoming to LGBT people all over the world. This would be good for tourism, good for culture and good for business.

It's the hope of Fine Gael councillor Noel Rock that the rainbow walks be installed before next year's Easter Rising centenary celebrations.

Dublin City Council will decide upon the introduction of the rainbow crossings in January or February.

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