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A Cute Dog Is Needed To Perform In A Dublin Opera This Month – Is Yours A Star?

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Everyone thinks their doggy is the best boy that ever lived – but could yours actually become a star?

The hunt is on for a pup to perform on stage in the opera La Boheme at the National Concert Hall later on this month, and producers are searching for a well-behaved and “cute” dog to be in the show.

The owner will also have to be willing to be on stage dressed in costume to look after the little pupper and make sure he doesn’t get stagefright.

Opera director Ellen Kent said:

“Many years ago when we last did La Boheme and asked local people to volunteer their pets it was a huge success. We even used a rescue dog once and found him dozens of new owners.

“We’re a nation of animal lovers after all. I’m sure there is plenty of doggie talent out there.”

To give your four-legged friend a chance to audition, send a pic to Jules@ellenkent.co.uk describing your dogs height, weight, age and name, and a bit about their character (no doggy divas allowed!)

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