A Devout Christian's Letter To Panti: 'The Only Queen We Have Ever Had In Ireland Is Our Lady'

Hidden hate, or a poor misguided individual?


"I get a lot of letters from strangers; mostly nice, occasionally hateful," writes Panti Bliss on her latest Facebook post and tweet.

"This one is a little harder to classify."

Hate mail – and indeed, the moving messages of hope – have become staples of social media output for the Queen of Ireland, providing a fascinating insight into the workings of some deluded, troubled and occasionally inspired minds.

But as Panti quite rightly alludes to in this case, these are not the ramblings of a rabidly hate-filled so-called "Christian"; rather a misguided individual who is a product of a very different Ireland to the one we see today.

Read the letter below:

It's either a startling reminder that hate isn't always accompanied by fire and brimstone – or a sad reflection on the damage the Church has done to the minds of otherwise kind, respectable and concerned people.

Either way, we feel it won't be the last letter of its kind to land in Capel Street.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan