A 'Guinness-Themed' Hotel May Be Coming To Dublin

The elixir of life may be getting its own humble abode

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Whether you love it or loathe it, pints of Guinness have become about as synonymous with Ireland as leprechauns, shamrocks and the immersion.  

This can be backed up by the unbelievable success of the Guinness Storehouse, deemed Ireland's number one tourist attraction year in, year out. 

Located in the Liberties in the middle of Dublin city - this hub of activity is full of history, pints and deadly food - sigh, if only we could live there...

But, wait. That now could happen!

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The Guinness Storehouse's managing director Paul Carty, when in an interview with the Telegraph, hinted at the potential of a 'Guinness-themed' establishment located right alongside the tourist attraction.

Well there’s a possibility. I think there’d be a huge interest if we had a Guinness-themed hotel on the site. I don’t think its beyond the realms of possibility. A Guinness-themed hotel in black and white.

This could be a good time for a Guinness-themed hotel, as Dublin has a serious lack of hotels to deal with the growing demand our fair city is boasting these days. 

Your move, Guinness.

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Kate Demolder

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