A JobBridge Advertisement Was Placed For A Fully Qualified Vet – And Offered Them Just €50 A Week

"It's just someone to help out around the yard"


A JobBridge position was advertised in Cork recently seeking a fully qualified vet, but only offered to pay them €50 a week.

The internship was to take place in the Corrin Veterninary Hospital in Fermoy, Cork. The advertisement said that applicants must be willing to work for 40 hours a week for a payment of €50 on top of their existing social welfare payments.

The Irish Independent approached Sean O'Sullivan, the veterinary hospital owner, about the advertisement, he said,

It’s just someone to help out around the yard. It’s a veterinary assistant we are seeking. I have no further comment to make.

The advertisement explicitly stated that the successful applicant, who would "help out around the yard", must have a full veterinary medical degree. This position was advertised as a 'veterinary assistant.'

This is not the first time the JobBridge National Internship Scheme has come under fire, with protesters dubbing it 'ScamBridge' in the past over similar cases of perceived exploitation of job seekers.

A spokesperson for the Veterinary Council of Ireland commented on the latest controversy,

The Council acknowledges that there are pluses and minuses to the JobBridge Scheme however it is perfectly legal for such an internship to be offered by an employer. The Council also acknowledges that it is disappointing that new graduates cannot find suitable positions and have to rely on social welfare.

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