'A Lack Of Consideration': Charity Slams Anti-Homeless Spikes Outside Joan Burton's Dublin Office

Hear hear


"It's probably the worst place that you could have possibly installed them."

Anthony Flynn, director of Inner City Helping the Homeless (ICHH), couldn't really have been any more direct in slamming the decision to install 'anti-homeless spikes' at Joan Burton's Department of Social Protection building.

And he's not the only one.

Since Rabble posted an image of the spikes at the Amiens Street building yesterday, pretty much the entire Irish internet has been foaming at the mouth.

And Mr Flynn, speaking to independent.ie today, verbalising what many of us were feeling: 

"This is the department that is supposed to look after our vulnerable people.

"There are thousands of businesses up and down the city with homeless on the doorstep, and have they spent money on the implementation of these spikes, no they have not."

Adding that supporters of the charity were "disgusted" by the move, he said: "This is the most unsympathetic way of dealing with the homeless crisis, it's a 'not in my doorstep attitude' and we certainly condemn it."

Hear hear.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan