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05th Sep 2017

This Play About Male Genitalia Is Opening In Dublin Next Week


This could be one of the most random plays you see in Dublin. 

My Left Nut is debuting at the Dublin Fringe Festival next week and tells the story of 26-year-old Michael Patrick, who suffered from an unusual condition in his teenage years. 

Michael, who stars in his own one-man show, developed hydrocile testis when he was 14, a condition which caused one of his testicles to swell up to the size of a large avocado. 

Too embarrassed to tell his mother, he let the condition worsen for three years until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

Now the Belfast native is capitalising on his teenage experiences and is set to perform the comedic play in Bewley’s Café Theatre, starting on September 12. 

My Left Nut

Image: Michael Patrick Twitter

While the tone is said to be lighthearted, the story also touches on the death of Michael’s father, as well as the absence of a male role model to confide in. 

In sharing his tale, Michael also hopes to encourage men to seek help for their problems and remove stigma from such issues.

To be tackling so many things, you’d expect him to be a seasoned pro, but this is the first play Michael’s ever written.  

Speaking to last month, he described it as a “petrifying experience.”

“I’ve never had the same feeling I had when I was studying for exams until I had to write this play. But now I’m very happy with what’s come out of it,” he said.

“I didn’t have any hang-ups in terms of feeling too frightened to share stuff, I wanted to share the story with people. They say write what you know and I’ve written exactly what I know about this period of my life.”

My Left Nut will be joined by productions such as Why Won’t You have Sex With Me by Louise Bruton, The Shitstorm by Simon Doyle and Maeve Stone and Lords of Strut: Absolute Legends by the Lords of Strut. 

Dublin Fringe Festival will run from next week until the end of September, with full line-up available here

Tickets to see My Left Nut are available for €13 and can be bought here

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