A US Flight Was Forced To Make An Emergency Landing At Dublin Airport This Morning

By Darragh Berry

December 9, 2017 at 1:19pm


The Irish Sun is reporting that a transatlantic jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Dublin Airport on Friday morning after one of the passengers suffered a suspected stroke. 

The Qatar Airways flight QR-730 was travelling from Dallas to Qatar at the time when crew declared a medical emergency shortly after 7am. 

The Boeing 777-300 jet was west of Ireland at the time when a passenger collapsed and after consultation with the airline's medical doctor, the passenger was assessed to be suffering a possible stroke. 

Another doctor - who was on board - also examined the man who is in his 60s. 


A priority clearance was requested and the flight was then diverted to Dublin Airport. It circled once over the north west of the country before diverting to Dublin.

Some inbound flights to Dublin were delayed for a short period of time and at 7:50am, the flight landed safely at the airport where the man was transported to hospital. 

Once the passenger's baggage has been removed, the flight is expected to continue on its journey to Qatar. 

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