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27th Jun 2017

Anti-Choice Protesters Planning Graphic Rally Outside Dublin Airport In July


The ‘Irish Centre for Bio-ethical Reform’, an American privately-funded organisation who has become increasingly involved with Irish women’s rights, or current lack thereof, to bodily autonomy, is organising a protest outside Dublin and Cork airport in July.

The protests are planned to take place between Saturday July 29th – Sunday August 13th.

In a press release* (*warning: contains graphic images) the group states that there will be 15×5 foot signs, which considering their previous protests, will likely display graphic images and signs.

Protesters will also be equipped with filming equipment and cameras, which the organisation says is merely “to protect our volunteers from false allegations of the sort the abortion industry and its allies maliciously level at us.”

The rallies will then be brought into the city centres in the afternoon, with additional signs held by anti-choice volunteers.

Both Dublin and Cork Airports, however, have told The Journal that they do not give permissions for protests to take place, and so any demonstrations or handing out of pamphlets would be prohibited.

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