Anti-Homeless Spikes May Be Removed Outside Dublin's Buildings

Councillor Michael O’Brien said they show the government is "confusing fighting homelessness​ with fighting the homeless"


After the huge public outcry following the discovery of anti-homeless spikes in front of the Department of Social Protection building, city councillors hope to ban their use.

Councillor Michael O’Brien said of the spikes "confusing fighting homelessness with fighting the homeless" and has called for their removal in the future.

The anti-homeless measure work by making surfaces painful to sleep on, discouraging individuals from occupying spaces with the spikes. 

Anthony Flynn, director of Inner City Helping the Homeless, also commented on the situation last week,

This is the most unsympathetic way of dealing with the homeless crisis. The department has shown a real lack of consideration and sympathy.

An official decision is yet to be made on this issue.

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Seán Kenehan

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