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05th Feb 2018

Arrest Has Been Made In Notorious Alleged ‘Retaliation Murder’ In The Capital

Darragh Berry

It will be almost two years since Eddie Hutch snr, a brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was shot dead in Dublin 3. 

Several sources reported at the time that the attack was a ‘retaliation’ for the attack at the Regency Hotel the week previous where David Byrne (34) was killed and two others injured when gunmen stormed the hotel on the Swords Road.

Almost two years to the exact date, Gardaí have stated that they have made an arrest in relation to the ‘retaliation murder’. 

Gardaí confirmed on Monday that they had arrested a man on the 5th of February in connection with the murder of Edward Hutch which occurred on the 8th February 2016.

The man in question was brought to Mountjoy Garda Station where he was subsequently detained under Section 50 Criminal Justice Act, 2007 as amended. He can be held for a total period of up to 7 days.

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