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28th Nov 2018

PICS: Dublin Football Club Accused Of Faking A Player’s Death In Order To Cancel A Game

Darragh Berry

Leinster Senior League side Ballybrack FC are in hot water after it is being said that allegedly faked a player’s death in order to cancel a game.

Fernando Nuno La-Fuenta had allegedly died in a car crash on Thursday but a statement by the Leinster Senior League states that he is in “good health” and has just returned to his native Spain.

The statement by the Leinster Senior League is as follows:

“The Leinster Senior League would like to acknowledge that the notification of the death of a Ballybrack FC player, as shared with all member clubs and media partners, is without foundation.

“The Leinster Senior League acted in good faith at all times and, when notified by a representative of Ballybrack FC as to the death of a member player, we immediately offered our heartfelt condolences and also shared the sad news with all other LSL clubs, in order for them to offer their own individual condolences.

“We are glad to hear that the player is in good health and has returned to his native Spain.

“The Leinster Senior League will co-operate with all relevant agencies in the investigation of this matter, and the league will also deal with this issue through their own internal disciplinary procedures.

“The Leinster Senior League would like to offer their sincerest apologies for any distress caused as a result of notifying clubs as to the demise of a valued player.

“The league acted in absolute good faith with the information supplied by the club, and only had the welfare and interest of those affected by the reported ‘tragedy’ as our uppermost concern at all times.”

Whatsapp messages had been circulating during the day which stated that the death had been faked in order to get a match cancelled.

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