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12th Sep 2018

PICS: One Of Dublin’s Cutest And Well-Loved Food Shops Closed Down Yesterday Leaving Dubliners Heartbroken

Darragh Berry

It’s a very sad sight to see a shop that has been around for ages close in the capital.

And this closure has left a lot of locals and people who were fond of the place absolutely distraught.

The Beaumont Residents Association announced on Facebook that the Beaumont Drive-In has ceased trading forever on Tuesday.

In the Facebook post, they said that:

“Shutters are down for the last time in Beaumont Drive-in. Trading ceased yesterday.

It was a very fine store selling the best of fresh produce. It is a big loss to the residents of Beaumont. Best wishes to the Owners and Staff in their future endeavours.”

Dublin Fine Gael TD Noel Rock who represents Dublin North West said on Twitter that:

“The Drive In is *just about* in my constituency. [I] have tried to reach out to the owners via an intermediary to see if we can help.

“May well be the case they just want to sell up though.”

Whatever the reason, people were very sad to see the place close and many admitted that they would fondly miss “those delicious apple tarts as well as the fresh fruit and veg.”

“Another bit of local history gone.”

“Where will I get fresh fish and their fruits were the best, big loss.”

“Such a shame, was a great local shop. The baked goods, veg and fish were so fresh and tasty.”

“The best crusty bread rolls, sliced meats, everything was great. Will be missed.”

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