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12th Apr 2017

BREAKING: SIPTU Has Responded To Reports Of Dublin Bus Strike


In the latest development of transport disruption across the country, reports are coming in that Dublin bus drivers have voted to strike in sympathy with Bus Éireann workers who are currently on day 20 on the picket lines.

Siptu members were balloted on Monday and Tuesday, and the vote came to a 78% majority in favour of the industrial action, The reported.

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith told “it’s a great show of solidarity among workers.”

“The company will argue that it’s illegal because you can’t take strike action over something that doesn’t affect you, but we’re talking about the death of public transport here. It affects them both directly and indirectly” she added.

Now however, SIPTU has released a press release which states that a ballot of SIPTU members in Dublin Bus in relation to taking industrial action in support of their colleagues currently on strike in Bus Éireann will not be completed until tomorrow morning.

SIPTU Organiser, John Murphy, said: “Union representatives are currently counting the ballot of all grades of SIPTU members in Dublin Bus. This count will not be completed until tomorrow morning. Following the completion of the ballot an official and correct result will then be released by the union.”

If the company is to go ahead with a strike, the union will legally have to give seven days notice.

More to follow…