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16th Aug 2017

Man Launches Appeal After Falling In Love With Irish Guy At UK Festival


There’s nothing worse than making an instant connection with someone and then, somehow, you lose them. 

We have seen this scenario happen many-a-times but thanks to the internet, lovers are often reunited so we hope you can help this story see out a happy ending.

Jason bumped into an Irish man at a café last weekend during the Brighton Pride festival and the two instantly developed a connection. 

Unfortunately for Jason, he didn’t get to know his new beau very well as they had to leave with their friends after 15 minutes.

Now, Jason has reached out to Ireland’s Gay Community Network in the hope of finding what could be his Irish lucky charm!

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The unknown Irish man, who lives in South Dublin, is described as being in his 60s with “beautiful eyes”, a “soft voice” and was staying in accommodation organised by Sussex University.

Jason, who was wearing a cream linen top and glasses, was with his friend who had a small dog. He got chatting to his potential love interest when the man asked Jason to take a photo of him on his phone. 

The details may be scarce but Jason is hoping that people can work their magic and get the pair reunited again.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, email GCN at [email protected].

We have everything crossed for this love story to find a happy ever after!

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