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08th Oct 2019

Christmas Lights Have Already Been Spotted Around The City Centre

Brian Dillon

If you noticed Christmas lights popping up on the streets of Dublin this morning, your eyes were not fooling you.

The preparations for #DublinAtChristmas2019 have already begun. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s far too early to be preparing for Christmas.”

Well, I have two responses to that. First of all, it is simply never too early to prepare for Christmas. Secondly, with the sheer volume of Christmas lights going up around the city centre this year, preparations have to begin early.

DublinTown announced yesterday that they had started installing Christmas lights around the city ahead of this year’s festive season:

“We at DublinTown have started preparations for #DublinAtChristmas 2019 and as part of that process, we have begun the process of installing the Christmas lights for this year. But please note, they are going up but are not going on!”

Over 30 streets in Dublin are set to be lit up for the Christmas period, and DublinTown explained that “Every single light and fixture is tested to make sure it is ready to go come the official lighting ceremonies.”

“Christmas isn’t coming early but DublinTown is busy making sure Dublin looks magical for all to enjoy in time for the Christmas season,” they added.

Over the next four weeks, DublinTown will test over 1,000,000 lightbulbs and fixtures that will stretch for over 4.5 kilometres.

Additionally, the festive season will see 160 crossovers and almost 20 city centre trees light up.

And an estimated 25 million people will walk under the lights this year.

This has us fairly buzzed for Christmas in Dublin this year. No other place we’d rather be!