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28th Nov 2018

The Way People Reacted Outside The Court When Conor McGregor Left Was Just Ridiculous

Darragh Berry

A crowd gathered to see Conor McGregor leave the courthouse in Naas on Wednesday afternoon and the carry-on outside was just ridiculous.

McGregor was banned from driving for six months and was also given a €1,000 fine for speeding on October 11 2017.

He had been summoned to appear at Naas District Court after dodging several appearances in the court in late 2017.

He faced four charges: speeding, driving without a licence, failing to produce a licence at the scene and failing to subsequently produce it at a garda station.

McGregor apologised for his actions and told the court that he didn’t realise the speed he was doing.

But as he left the courthouse and made his way to his BMW, he was surrounded by people shouting ‘Go on, McGregor’ while also quoting his iconic catchphrase ‘they’ll do nothing’ referring to the justice system.

The footage was recorded by photographer, John Rooney and can be seen here and shows that while journalists were trying to ask the UFC fighter questions, lots of fans had gathered also to support McGregor as he left, cheering him all the way into the car.

This is ridiculous carry-on towards someone who has just been up in court for breaking the law and doing 154km/h in a 100km/h zone.

The fighter is currently focusing on his whiskey company and hasn’t spoken about his next fight in the octagon.

His last opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov has come forward, however, and said that it’s possible for him and McGregor to settle their rivalry.

“Everything is possible. Just as McGregor and I feuded, so we could reconcile.

“Who are we not to forgive one another when the Almighty forgives us?

“For legacy and in the sense of the money aspect, and in a sporting sense, I think the Mayweather fight is much more interesting.

“The athletics commission needs to finish up first and then we’ll talk.”

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