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20th Oct 2018

Famous Singer Describes Night With Conor McGregor In Dublin Where “Shit Got Out Of Control”

Darragh Berry

If you’ve ever wondered what a night out with Conor McGregor would be like, you’ve probably thought correctly.

This famous singer got to hang out with the MMA star for a while at the start of 2018 and he described how it was a wild night.

Speaking to Radio Statio, Kiis 1065, ‘Firestone’ singer, Conrad Sewell said that “shit got out of control” with McGregor.

“We were in Dublin, Ireland and he came to a show, and that was before I got on the straight and narrow, and he actually got me off the straight and narrow. I was like a month sober or something like that.

“He’s an absolute legend. “Shit got out of control. We had a show the next night and no one could find me.

“We had to fly to London the next night and we were playing the O2 Arena, and I was still at his apartment, fucked up. It was rough.

“It was dark times with McGregor, but it was fucking good!”

Here’s a pic of the two partying before “shit got fucked up”.

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