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23rd Sep 2022

Cost of Living March will be the biggest since 2015, according to organisers

Fiona Frawley

a protest in Dublin with thousands of people marching along the liffey

The protest which takes place this Saturday is expected to be attended by thousands of people.

The cost of living march organised for Dublin this weekend will be the biggest of its kind since the water charge protests in 2014 and 2015, an organiser told the Irish Times. Organisers of the anti water charge protests say up to 80,000 people attended these demonstrations, although this figure has not been independently verified.

Eddie Conlan has said that thousands of people are expected to attend the protest, which will place three days before Budget 2023 and involves more than 30 organisations, including Opposition political parties and trade unions.

Speaking to the Irish Times ahead of the event, People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barret said:

Seventy per cent of people say they are struggling to make ends meet. The same number do not believe the Government is doing all it can to improve the situation.

We need huge numbers on the street to send a clear message to the Government that radical measures are necessary to deal with the cost-of-living and housing crisis.

The event organisers, led by Richard Boyd-Barret will be campaigning for the following:
  • control energy costs
  • protect incomes
  • make housing affordable
  • invest in public services
  • share the wealth

The protest takes place this Saturday at 2:30pm, meeting at Dublin’s Parnell Square.

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