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18th Oct 2018

These Dublin Bus, DART And Luas Fares Are About To Increase

Kiara Keane

Some people’s commutes are about to get more expensive, while others will actually drop in price, according to the National Transport Authority’s latest announcement.

It’s hoped that the move will result in a simpler fare structure “which will support seamless movement between different public transport services and modes without a financial penalty”.

Dublin Bus cash fares between four and 13 stages will jump from €2.85 to €3, while the €3.30 fare for more than 13 stages will stay the same.

The Leap Card fare of €2.15 between four and 13 stages will increase to €2.25 and the €2.60 fare when travelling more than 13 stages will drop down to €2.50.

Monthly and annual DART fares will be reduced too – monthly will go from €154 to €145, while the annual price will change from €1,540 to €1,450.

Some DART Leap fare single journeys in the Short Hop Zone will be going up and others will also be dropping in price depending on the destination.

Luas Leap fares will now have a flat price instead of peak and off-peak prices where “most Luas peak passengers using Leap will either see a fare cut, or will see no change in fares”.

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