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16th Sep 2019

DCU Has Changed The Name Of Iconic Student Night ‘Shite Night’ And There’s Uproar

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

This is not on.

Shite Night is one of the most famous student nights in the country. Anyone who studied in DCU will look fondly on this iconic night that took place in the NuBar on Tuesdays and played every shite tune in the book, finishing off with the Eastenders theme tune of course!

When I was in DCU it was my favourite night of the week – the tunes were unreal, Jack Slatterys was cheap as chips and the walk home was free, not only was it serious craic it was an absolute BARGAIN.

DCU has done the unforgivable this year by changing the name of the famous night to Devotion and there is uproar as a result.

Tbh, I couldn’t agree more.

What the F*** is Devotion?

A petition has been created by DCU student Amy Donohoe to change the name back to Shite Nite.

She said:

“Shite Nite has been the iconic Tuesday night event in Nubar for years and quite frankly, ‘are you going Devotion?’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

She continued:

“Sometimes the world needs change, but just like Theresa May to Borris Johnson and Barack Obama to Donald Trump, some change is absolutely unnecessary and quite upsetting to be honest, so to keep the peace we must not change Shitenite to Devotion. Please sign my petition for this important cause and keep Shitenites original name.”

Wise words.

Let’s hope the name will change back to Shite Night very soon!