Frightening Footage Shows Young Adults Throwing Bikes At Deliveroo Drivers On Westmoreland Street

By Darragh Berry

February 21, 2019 at 7:13pm


A massive argument broke out and it got very violent

Frightening scenes caught on camera shows young adults throwing bikes at Deliveroo drivers on Westmoreland Street.

In the footage - which can be seen here - the young adults can be heard asking the drivers "for a fight."

Both the drivers and the members of the public can be seen squaring up to each other while some of the young adults decide to pick up bikes that are flat on the ground.

One of the bikes is then thrown by one of the young adults in the direction of the group of drivers.


Following this, another can be heard asking a Deliveroo driver for a "one-on-one" fight because he allegedly "spat in his face [and] I want to fight."

Other Deliveroo drivers surround the driver that has been called out and pull him back from interfering.

The young adult continues to call out the driver by taking off his top and saying "me and you, one-on-one big man."

One member of the public - not involved in the argument - can be heard saying to the drivers that "they're only kids, leave it."


A Deliveroo spokesperson told Lovin Dublin that:

"We are aware of this incident and we are investigating. Riders work hard to bring customers amazing meals and should be able to do so without being subject to harassment or threats of violence."