Shocking Footage Shows Deliveroo Driver And Member Of Public Physically Fighting On Dame Street

All hell broke loose... A bike was thrown at the Deliveroo driver and several high kicks were used in the fight

Deliveroo Fight Dublin Main

Shocking footage has emerged of a Deliveroo driver and a member of the public physically fighting on Dame Street.

The video shows the other person throwing a bike towards the Deliveroo driver who then proceeds to go after the man.

The Deliveroo rider throws a few wild kicks in the direction of the man and he begins to back off.

But as the driver turns his back and heads for his bike, the man begins to follow him again.

Several kicks are thrown by the Deliveroo driver who seems to be trying to get the man to back off and leave him alone.

The other man follows the driver back to the footpath where he picks up his back which is lying on the road.

Both men cycle away after the altercation.

Deliveroo are currently investigating the incident.

You can find the video here on Reddit.

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