Do Not Swim notice issued for Balbriggan beach due to high levels of E.coli

By Emily Mullen

July 27, 2022 at 12:17pm


Pregnant swimmers and those with a compromised immune system are particularly at risk to the bacteria

A temporary 'Do Not Swim' notice has been issued for the popular North Dublin beach Front Strand Beach in Balbriggan.

The notice issued by Fingal County Council is as a result of a routine bathing water sample taken on Monday July 25, which showed "poor" E.coli results.

The notice will remain in place for three days, upon which point new samples will be assessed.

In a statement, Fingal County Council said: "Preliminary e.coli results from Claremont met ‘sufficient’ water quality, as a result a resample will be taken and the situation monitored.


"Resamples have been scheduled at Front Strand Balbriggan and Claremont beach for tomorrow [July 27] with results due on Friday, 29 July when the notice will be reviewed."

Water deterioration is due to "suspected impacts from animals/birds and contamination of urban surface waters discharging into bathing water"according to the EPA.

While swimming at Front Strand Beach remains prohibited, the beach remains open to the public.

Members of the public can check for water quality at any of the monitored bathing waters in Ireland in advance by accessing the EPA website


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