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01st Mar 2018

A “Defenseless” Dog Found Dead In The Snow In Dublin On Wednesday Night

Darragh Berry

This poor, poor dog. 

The Irish Mirror is reporting that Dublin residents are angry after what they described as a “defenseless” little dog was left dead in the snow in Tallaght. 

The puppy could not endure the weather conditions in Dublin on Wednesday night and was found dead in the early hours of Thursday morning by a local. 

The publication has posted a picture of the dog in the snow which is of a highly graphic nature.

This is now the second dog to die in the last week due to the adverse weather conditions and owners are being urged to:

  • Keep pets indoors. 
  • Make sure their bedding is comfortable and raised off the ground so they don’t catch a chill from the cold floor. 
  • If outside at any time, pets should be dried off focusing on their paws especially. 

Puppies are not as hardy as older dogs in this type of weather so owners should be extra vigilant towards them.