Don't Look Out The Window – Just Pull Over The Covers And Stay In Bed

Seriously. You shouldn't go out there.


Rain is grim. And Mondays are grim.

These are two hard, cold indisputable facts.

Thus, mathematically, rain x Monday = a level of grim that the human soul quite simply can't handle.

The Met Éireann forecast for Dublin puts it rather mildly:

Monday morning will be wet with persistent or heavy rain for a time and southwest winds will increase fresh to strong and gusty.

A quick look out the window – and a personal experience of a walk to work that made me curse the world repeatedly – has led to the unassailable conclusion that the only thing to do today is to pull the covers over your head, and go back to sleep.

So go on. Do it.

If your boss asks, you can tell them we gave you permission.