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03rd Oct 2018

Don’t Do Your Driving Test In Any Of These Three Dublin Centres

Darragh Berry

Currently racking up your 12 driving lessons or maybe you’re studying for your theory test…

Or maybe you’re just ready to book one of the hardest and most stressful exams you’ll ever take in your life.

Well, it’s worth keeping a reminder that some test centres have a much better pass rate than others.

Take the west of Ireland for example.

Last year’s RSA study shows that west is best if you want to have a better chance of passing and just look at the stats:

  • Ennis 73.25%
  • Newcastle West 70.64%
  • Roscommon 70.17%
  • Clifden 70.12%
  • Sligo 69.63%

Nearly every 3 out of 4 people who walk into those test centres are going to pass their test.


Dublin test centres are always on the low side and a recent study by The Irish Examiner shows that Finglas,Tallaght, Raheny and Rathgar have had the lowest pass rates since 2008.

The test centre in Rathgar has since closed.

These centres all had average pass rates of between 41% to the 50% mark meaning that you were far more likely to fail than taking it in Galway, or Mayo for example.

It’s one to keep in mind.

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