PIC: Dublin Airport Passenger Leaves The Weirdest Item Behind Before Their Flight

How did they manage to forget this?

Dublin Airport Terminal 2

From time to time, Dublin Airport reveals some of the most bizarre items left behind by passengers in their terminals and it looks like they’ve just found another one to add to the list.

Previous items left behind include everything from a pet goldfish to a 15kg boulder from an Irish beach but this one might be the weirdest yet.

This time around, a passenger has somehow managed to abandon a very crucial item of clothing – their jeans.

Sharing a photo of the discarded skinny jeans in question, Dublin Airport wrote, ‘We really hope that the person who abandoned this pair of jeans today was wearing some other pair of trousers or a skirt/dress at the time.’

We'd like to think they could have been abandoned by someone trying to stay within their airline’s baggage rules, rather than just deciding to go trouserless on their journey...

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Kiara Keane

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