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Two Planes At Dublin Airport ‘Almost Collided’ With Hundreds Of Passengers On Board

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Two planes at Dublin Airport had a near-miss while queuing to get onto the runway, according to a new report.

The aircraft were on different frequencies at the time, meaning that when the commanding officer of the Airbus A320-214 signalled the Boeing 737-8AS to stop, the message wasn’t received.

In the incident that took place last May, the Airbus pilot reportedly told air traffic control that the other aircraft “only just had wing-tip clearance to go in front of us there”.

Between both flights, there were 313 passengers on board but neither of the planes actually came into contact with one another and no one was injured.

The report from the Air Accident Investigations Unit found that they passed “in close proximity to one another” on the taxiway as they queued for the runway.

They advised that the Irish Aviation Authority introduce “include mandatory sequencing instructions” for planes queuing in taxiways.

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