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23rd Nov 2023

Dublin Airport exploring how to improve views for plane spotters

Katy Thornton

Have you ever gone plane spotting?

Understand it or not, you will consistently see cars parked at various viewing points close to Dublin Airport for the sole purpose of plane watching. Whether it be the photo opportunities, or sheer curiosity or fascination, I know people who never got the hype but were converted after one bout of it.

If you’re one such person who loves a bit of plane spotting, well you’re in luck, as Dublin Airport are currently exploring potential options to improve viewing locations.

They took to Twitter yesterday to show a sneak preview of a possible new viewing area, a digital mock-up that showcases how the area might look.

When people jumped on to tweet their disappointment or criticism of improving a viewing area, when there is still no direct train connection, Dublin Airport were quick to defend themselves, saying, “this is not our project to deliver“.

Another Twitter user echoed the sentiment, saying that a, “Train station wouldn’t go a miss” with Dublin Airport responding with, “The station we can do. We even have a space set aside for it between the terminals. We need the track though.”

At least one Twitter user was on board with the project, saying, “A viewing platform would be great“, referencing the one at Manchester Airport, with Dublin Airport showing their appreciation for the support.

Header images via Getty & Twitter / Dublin Airport


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