Dublin charity calls for donations after people 'waited for hours' at recent food drive

By Katy Thornton

February 8, 2023 at 1:33pm


"The situation is getting worse every week and we see the desperation rising."

Dublin homeless charity Muslim Sisters of Éire have called for help and donations following one of their "most chaotic and busiest nights" ever on Friday, 3rd February.

They took to their Facebook page to share details of the night, saying:

"Tonight was one of the most chaotic and busiest nights we had so far. The number of people was unbelievable, the queue was down to Henry street and way longer than usual. There was no space at the top of the queue because of the chaos and disruption. The people were desperate to get a hot meal and waited for hours."

They completely ran out of food after just two hours, despite having hundreds of hot meals ready to go.


"We had a little setback as soon as we came in, one of our tables broke. We started serving at 6:30 pm and finished only at 8:30 pm and ran out of literally everything. Two of our volunteers had to run down the street to go to Mcdonald's and get burgers for the rest of the people that were left with no hot food even though today we had a whooping 400 hot meals."

The homelessness crisis in Dublin specifically is truly disheartening and posts like this only further demonstrate that something needs to be done about it in this country.

Muslim Sisters of Éire referred to one young pregnant girl in particular who was very upset had been looking for a sleeping bag following an assault days prior.

The charity are appealing to restaurants in the surrounding area to donate hot food if they're in a position to do so. Anyone look to donate can send them an email with further information. They thanked Brass Onion Bistro and Darbar Restaurant for their continued donations.


You can make a donation HERE.

Header image via Facebook/Muslim Sisters of Éire 

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