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07th Feb 2018

Dublin City Luas Commuters Will FINALLY See Great Improvements From Today


If you’ve been squeezing on to a jammed Luas ever since the Green line extension was complete then we feel for you, we really do. Hundreds of commuters complained that the trams were more crowded and less frequent, causing delays and frustration.

Thankfully, there’s some welcome changes starting from today.

While the Green Line tram previously terminated at St Stephen’s Green it now continues further through the city which means more people are using it. 

Transport Infrastructure Ireland spokesman Sean O’Neill said before Christmas that:

“The larger number of people waiting to get the trams means it takes longer to get passengers on and off the trams. This high level of usage creates an irregularity in times.”

Seven new longer trams – 12m longer than the current trams – have been ordered and the first one came into use today.

They’re officially the longest trams in the world and the National Transport Authority say that the long trams will reduce wait times and improve commuter services. 

The new trams will be introduced every few weeks from today, with all seven in place by May.

Thank Christ. Getting to and from work in the city just got easier. Well, unless you get the bus…

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