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19th Feb 2018

Dublin Couple Who Won €100k In The Lotto Have ‘No Plans To Tell Their Children’


Have your parents been suspiciously splashing the cash lately? Well, we’re sorry to break it to ya little Seamus but your parents may have just won big in the Lotto and don’t want you to know. 

If that sounds far fetched (‘not my parents’, you’re thinking, ‘surely they would give me a few bob for craft cans’) then know that a Dublin couple who have won a lovely €100,000 from the Christmas Millionaire Raffle are doing just that. 

Breaking News reports that a Dublin couple who “have struggled with money over the years” claimed their €100,000 prize this week after discovering they had won last month on the ticket that the wife had bought as a Christmas present.

The lucky husband said: “She always buys me a Millionaire Raffle ticket for Christmas. But this year it was a month before I checked to see if I won anything. 

“I was at home on my own that day and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the winning numbers. I didn’t really believe it until my wife came home and assured me I wasn’t seeing things!”

As for sharing their good fortune with their family? 

Their two children are studying in college so will be looked after with money for further studying but the parents revealed they’ve no plans to let them in on the Lotto win knowledge.

The husband said: “We have struggled with money over the years so this is a lovely amount. We have a close relative in Australia so plan to spend next Christmas there which will be amazing. 

“I will also change my car later this year. If the children decide to do a Masters after they finish their degrees the money will be there for that. We won’t tell them where the money has come from, we might say we took a bank loan. 

“Our plan is to look after them without them knowing the source.”

Mam? Dad? I promise your secret is safe with me…

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