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31st Jan 2019

PICS: ‘Expert’ Recommends This Dublin Place For A First Date And It’s Laughable

Darragh Berry

How someone can call themselves a dating ‘expert’ but give advice like this is beyond us.

This twitter user shared some snippets from an Irish dating site about what to do and where to go on first dates in Dublin.

Self-described ‘pick-up artist’ Roosh V says that you shouldn’t have your first date in a pub but rather, you should bring your date to the ILAC Centre or Epicurean Food Hall instead…


As well as this, they say to let the girl do the talking and to make sure to mention the popular Irish TV sitcom Father Ted

And finally, if the date goes well, they say that you should totally close the convo by saying, “I kind of like you.”

But this is the killer line and the one that really shows that this person is talking out of their jacksie.

The ‘expert’ says to never “have a long-term relationship with an Irish girl because they cannot cook and have bad health habits”.

Best of luck with finding love with this sort of attitude, chief.

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