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31st Jul 2018

Dublin Drivers Warned of Trolley Stunt From Would-Be Thieves

Megan Cassidy

Dublin drivers have been warned of a possible scam to get motorists out of their cars.

A Hartstown resident told Dublin Live that would-be thieves had placed a trolley on the side of the road in the hopes that motorists would vacate their vehicles to move it.

She told the publication that her husband had spotted the trolley while walking home and went to move it, when two men “jumped out of the bushes”.

She said:

“My husband was walking home from Peregrines and when he got near crossroads at Mountview/Hartstown.

“He saw the trolley on one side of the road and a pile of rubbish on the other side so he went over and picked up the trolley up and moved it.

“Two men jumped out of the bushes and came for him, he took his phone out and rang the guards and they ran off so please please be careful driving late at night.

“I want people to be aware of this as a possible new ‘scam’ to get you out of your car.

“He wasn’t in the slightest bit touched by them, as soon as he took his phone out they legged it. We think they were hiding in the bushes waiting for a car to come along and stop.

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