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17th Jan 2019

Dublin Firefighter Helps To Deliver His Own Baby Daughter At The Side Of The Road

Kiara Keane

A Dublin firefighter was able to use his training to help deliver his own daughter while he was off-duty this week.

Michael Hanlon used his paramedic skills to help his wife as she went into labour by the side of the road.

The Dublin Fire Brigade tweeted the lovely story from their official account and congratulated the happy family.

They wrote, ‘Off duty firefighter Michael Hanlon had to put his paramedic skills to use in a personal capacity today after his wife went into labour at the side of the road.

‘Michael assisted with the delivery of his baby daughter, both Mum & baby Ciara are doing well, congrats.’

The Dublin Fire Brigade also recently revealed how they helped with an unexpected home birth after a woman in Lucan went into labour on Christmas Day.

They explained, ‘Well done to all involved in a Christmas delivery of a different sort today.

‘A Tallaght fire EMS crew and ambulance crew from Blanchardstown assisted mum in an unexpected home birth this morning in Lucan. Happy Christmas.’

Is there anything they can’t do?

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