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09th Jan 2019

Dublin Girl’s Scary Late Night Experience About ‘Going To The Bathroom Alone’ Is Something We Should All Look Out For

Darragh Berry

In a Twitter post that is being shared widely to raise awareness, a girl in Dublin shared her experience of being followed into a girl’s bathroom by a man.

This could have ended so much differently if she wasn’t able to talk him down and if others hadn’t entered the bathroom also.

The girl in question has been pleading with girls not to go to the bathroom by themselves no matter where the place is.

Here’s her story:

In the post she says that that man “went in and out of the men’s bathroom” until he was eventually able to sneak his way into the girl’s bathroom and lock himself in one of the cubicles.

He crawled along the floors on his hands and knees to spot if anyone was in the cubicles until “he found his target, me.”

She said that he had initially followed another girl to the bathroom but “when the other girl left, that meant I was alone in the bathroom and an easy target.”

She unlocked the door to get out and the man was waiting for her. He pushed her back in “covered my mouth and threatened me with a knife…and demanded sexual favours.”

“I was extremely lucky and was somehow able to talk him down and when other people entered the bathroom, he panicked and let me out and I ran.”

The man in question is now in prison for seven years after assaulting various other girls.

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