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20th Dec 2016

Dublin Has A New 1990s Radio Station – And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It


We never thought this day would come… and yet, here we are.

A 1990s-themed station has popped up on the air in Dublin, and somewhat predictably, the entire city is slowly starting to lose its collective mind.

It’s called Non-Stop 90s, it’s located at 88.1FM (just before Radio 1), and it gives this description on its Facebook page:

Non-stop 90s hits. Broadcasting live from a 1990s Apple Macintosh Computer (-:

I mean, check out that backwards smiley… harking back to the pre-emoji days where even smileys were an unregulated, anarchic entity.

Oh yeah!


Unsurprisingly, the announcement has raised considerable excitement on Twitter (as well as some controversial opinions in relation to batch heel bread)…

Even familiar faces from RTÉ were getting in on the action…

Check out its page here, or tune in on 88.1FM – and you can also text the station (normal network rates) on 51155.

Truly, there is no limit.

Main photo: Mal Burke