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09th Jan 2018

Dublin Man Confronted By Vigilante Group With Accusations Of Grooming 11-Year-Old Boy


A man from Arcane is being investigated by gardai for allegedly trying to groom an 11-year-old boy after he was caught in a sting operation by vigilante group, Justice Reborn. 

The Irish Independent reports that the man (41) had seven social media profiles and was questioned for two hours at Blanchardstown garda station after the group confronted the man in a Blanchardstown car park on Sunday night. 

The group posted the video of the confrontation online and handed over all information to police. 

It’s understood that the man believed he was in contact with a young boy and girl but had actually been talking to an undercover member of the group. 

A Garda spokesman told The Irish Independent that they could confirm the incident occurred but that:

“The actions by such groups are a cause of concern for An Garda Síochána and for other police services,” he said. “The activity engaged in, and the manner of confrontation between such groups and their targets, has the potential for violence and could result in harm to persons present.”