Dublin Man Spent €14K Of Friend's Money On Shopping And Other Items Immediately After Stabbing Spree

He said he was "overcome with an impulse".


RTÉ is reporting that a 24-year-old student, who murdered his friend and attempted to kill the man whom he stole €14k from, has been jailed for life on Thursday. 

After the stabbing spree, Charles Cleary from Rathfarnham went shopping in Dundrum, socialised and paid off a credit union loan just hours after the attack took place. 

Cleary murdered his friend and music student Leo Carolan and attempted to kill Ludwig Thomas.

Thomas - a Swiss national - had called to the flat where Cleary and Carolan were present with €14,000 and wanted to ask the music student for an envelope for the cash. 

Cleary was said to be "overcome with an impulse" at the time and stabbed Ludwig Thomas a number of times in the stomach and the mouth.

When Carolan came to Thomas' aid, Cleary then stabbed him a dozen times with a different knife. 

It is being said that Cleary "just saw red" and entered into a surreal and frenzied state when he spotted the large sum of cash. 

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