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16th Aug 2017

BREAKING: Dublin Port Tunnel Closed As Truck Catches Fire


*Update* The Port Tunnel has now been reopened, according to the AA Roadwatch. They said, “the Port Tunnel has fully reopened both ways as recovery services have dealt with an earlier truck fire. Northbound traffic is just heavy entering the tunnel”.

The Dublin Port Tunnel has been closed this morning following a fire.

Major delays are expected this morning after a truck reportedly went on fire in the tunnel. 

Emergency services have been called to the scene and both lanes will be closed until further notice.

Dublin Fire Brigade posted the news to its Twitter account this morning.

AA Roadwatch has also warned commuters, saying that traffic has been halted in both directions.

“Both the southbound and northbound bores of the Port Tunnel are closed due to a broken down truck, which has caused a lot of smoke. Emergency services are at the scene.”

More updates to follow.

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