PIC: Dublin Restaurant's Cancellation Is The Most Annoying One Yet

"Frustrating as f***"

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Any time of year, a big cancellation is so annoying for a restaurant but it's ten times worse when it's Christmas.

People tend to eat out more this time of the year so you can understand a restaurant's frustration when they refuse tens of people in order to save a table which is reserved.

This happened to Barry Fitzgerald, Co-founder of Bastible & Clanbrassil House in Dublin.

At last minute.com, he had a group of people cancel on him and he described the experience as "frustrating as f***."

He said that:

"The Christmas run-in has just begun but we are already getting so many guests cancel last minute or the day before.

"Frustrating AF as these tables have been held for them for weeks and sometimes months...essentially blocking people that actually would honour their bookings."

If you can't fulfil a booking, PLEASEEEE, let the place know for feck sake.

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