Dublin's Pedestrian Plaza Is Being Opposed By A Lobby Group Made Up Of Retailers... Who All Own Car Parks

Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Jervis and the Ilac centre are included in the collective


Plans for Dublin's beautiful new pedestrian plaza on College Green may face some steely opposition – from car park owners.

The Dublin City Traders’ Alliance (DCTA) has been formed as a 'single-issue' lobby group, according to the Sunday Times, with a view to opposing traffic changes arising from the Luas Cross City Project and the College Green plaza and the reduction of traffic on the quays.

These plans propose a better flow of traffic for trams and buses, with view to making Dublin more pedestrian- and bike-friendly – however members of this lobby group include Brown Thomas, Arnotts, the Jervis Centre and the Ilac Centre, all of which either own or licence car parks.

While this is just a lobby group at present, The Sunday Times reports that they have already held meetings with councillors and council officials.

Whether or not it comes to anything remains to be seen – but it will certainly complicate the route to completion for this much-needed plan.

You can read a summary of the Times report here on irishcycle.com

Written By

Aidan Coughlan