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Empty Dublin Houses Are Set To Be Refurbished To Accommodate The Homeless

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Do you, or does anyone you know, own a house that’s currently unoccupied? 

Well, if you do, you could be able to rent it out to those previously sleeping rough. 

A new housing scheme, seeing homeowners being given a grant to do up their vacant homes, is set to be introduced to combat the city’s growing homelessness problem. 

According to The Irish Times, the €140 million Repair-and-Leasing scheme will allow councils to enter into long-term leases with owners of empty homes.

The owners of these empty homes will have the option to avail of a grant of up to €40,000 to bring their vacant houses and apartments up to a liveable standard. In return, they then must sign up to a lease arrangement with their city or county council for a minimum of 10 years.

It’s been reported that €32 million has been allocated to the housing scheme – with the hopes of bringing 800 homes up to standard and into use by the end of this year.

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