Well This Was Unexpected - Tallafornia Is Making A Comeback With A New Series

We thought we'd been through enough pain


Depending on how you look at life, Tallafornia was either one of the greatest things to grace Irish TV screens or horrendous vacuous nonsense.

And today comes the shocking news that, two years after being axed, a new season of the show will hit our screens next Spring on TV3.

But Corminator fans, don't get too excited – its return will come with an entirely new cast.

A TV source told the Irish Sun:

"It's noisy, it's entertaining and with new faces, it could be even better.

"New faces would give the show a few feel. With the former cast, there is nothing left to see - they've shown us everything."


Tallafornia, it's good (kinda) to have you back...