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20th Dec 2016

Flights Are Being Cancelled As Storm Desmond Batters Ireland


Desmond may sound like a friendly next door neighbour, but don’t let the name make you underestimate the danger of the storm that’s currently battering Ireland and the UK.

The violent storm has made travelling severely dangerous, with extreme caution on the roads being urged by the Gardaí. 

The severe weather conditions have even lead to the cancellation of many flights in the country today and passengers are being urged to check that their flights are still going ahead before heading to the airport.

Since setting in yesterday, Storm Desmond caused 2,400 homes to experience power outages which ESB technicians have been working around the clock to repair. 

A Red Warning, the most alarming weather status, has given by Met Éireann in many places along the west coast due to high levels of flooding today.

While Dublin is at the lower Yellow Status, travelling is still hazardous, particularly for cyclists.

So be careful out there today and stay indoors where possible.

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